Friday, November 26, 2010

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...

Charles Dickens, I couldn't explain 2010 better myself.

The lows have been low, but the highs have been high and although I love me a good roller coaster I am ready for this one to end. Kirk laughs when I tell him I feel bad everyone doesn't get to experience something like my accident. My renewed appreciation for LIFE and witnessing the power of prayer and all the truly everyday angels surrounding me has meant more then I could ever put into words.


*and special thanks to you Vess for letting me copy your blog (stopping further flak about my infrequent posts)

As I was heading out the door for work,
on a Wednesday night in the middle of September,
I got a call from my mom.
My sister had been hit by a car
and was being life-flighted to the hospital.

Brooke had just started an evening jog
and was crossing an intersection near her home.
The car didn't see her, didn't brake,
and hit her going 30mph.
She rolled up on the car
and broke the windshield.

At the scene, amazingly,
she was able to recall her phone number.
Her husband got the call from cops,
dropped their 3 kids off at a neighbor's,
and rushed to the scene.

When she first arrived at the hospital,
they were not allowing any family, even her husband,
to be with her or even check on her.
However, I work at the hospital she was flown too,
and I made my way back to her.

When I first saw her,
she was a bloody mess with missing and broken teeth.
She thought no one knew where she was
and was worried she was all alone.
She didn't know if she was driving a car,
if her kids had been involved in the accident,
she forgot her husband had been at the scene,
and she thought she was dying.
Being true to herself though, as I was leaving, she said,
"Tell everyone I am fine."

Through the miracle of modern technology,
hundreds of people across the country
were praying for Brooke within hours of the accident.
She received her own miracle when after a
CT scan, they were able to let her know she had
no internal bleeding (the biggest worry).

She had plenty of road rash,
a nice gash on her forehead,
and a smile that made you cringe.

But if you see her now,
you wouldn't even know
she had been in such a
traumatic accident.
She does have a lifetime
of oral surgeries to look forward to,
and is loving being back in braces.

We are all so grateful that Brooke was
blessed that night and for the many
miracles we were able to witness first hand.
We don't know what we would do without
our little Brookie.


lrbodine said...

Brooke - we heard about your accident and have been praying for you! So happy to know you are okay! Keep in touch.

Lachelle Bodine

Jessica said...

I heard about your accident on FB and coudn't imagine how scared everyone must be. You and your family were definitely in our prayers! I am so glad you are doing better!

Tara said...

Hey Brooke,
I love your new family picture! Can your babies really be growing up so fast? I miss you and admire your determination to press forward no matter what!
Love you,

The Dent Family said...

oh, these pictures. I'm so sorry I wasn't there to make a meal, watch the kids, clean a toilet...something! But, knowing you, you are back in the saddle, running even. Miss you and so thankful for your safe recovery.

Dawn said...

Brooke, i haven't looked at your blog in months. I decided to check it and I am in tears reliving your accident through your sisters words. I do have an accident in common with you and I know exactly what you mean when you say you have a renewed appreciation for life, prayers and angels all around us. You are amazing and I am so grateful for your full recovery. Brandon and i had so much fun over New Year's with you and Kirk and your cute kids. I can't wait for more fun to come. Love and miss you!

The Neils! said...

Wow... can't wait to spend more time with you than what I did at Christmas! Missing you, Brookey.